Customer Care.

Multi-channel Customer Care.

When it comes to outsourced customer service, whether inbound or outbound, we use BPX. our proprietary outsource methodology/platform to design and deliver a tailor-made solution to meet your customer service objectives that consistently delivers extraordinary customer experiences!

We work to implicitly understand the core needs of your business and its customers. This understanding guides us in how we deploy our dedicated team of experts to continually engage, guide and grow your business through the delivery of superior, customer experiences.

At iContact, we believe in the power and importance of a great customer service experience in building loyal, repeat customers for your business. It’s one of the reasons why we are steadfast in understanding, analyzing and enhancing every aspect of your customer’s journey through our customer service call centers.

Our personalized approach to outsourced customer services means that your business will have a dedicated, professional and highly cost-effective customer service solution. For us, investing in your happy and satisfied customers for the ultimate success of your business, is our top priority.

Smart Collections.

Smart Collections.

iContact offers smart, customized first-party collections services for credit providers across the globe. Our first-party collections solution is backed by decades of experience, extensive training and education of our advisors and a powerful data and analytics platform. Our bespoke, proprietary collections technology, processes and training material ensures high-volume collections on multi-stage outstanding debt.

We have consistently been the top collections provider for clients across diverse industries including financial services, healthcare, telecommunications, retail, utilities, government and more.

A blanket, one-size-fits-all approaches to collections will not suffice given the prevailing circumstances as the world faces a trying and long recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The impact of this black swan event on millions of households and consumers has been profound and long-term, and hence collections agencies and credit providers need to work collaboratively to understand what exactly is appropriate for each customer given their unique and individual circumstances. The landscape for traditional collection practices has changed dramatically, with numerous factors to consider from both a legislative and ethical perspective.

It is essential to strike the right balance by acting in the best interests of the customer given the circumstances, while also collecting outstanding debts to protect the integrity and sustainability of credit providers and financial

Win Back!

Win Back! & Retention.

iContact is a strong advocate of tailor-made win-back and retention programmes where our passionate Programme Managers design bespoke and optimized campaigns to meet your specific customer relationship management needs, no matter what stage of the customer lifecycle they are in.

Your business may need a fresh approach, a new voice or simply greater focus at a time when rapid growth could be compromising relationships with your existing customers. Whatever your business challenges may be, any growing or sustainable customer base requires a proactive strategy. The key is an active investment in customer retention, win-back programmes and new membership drives.

Whether it is re-igniting inactive, passive customers, winning back customers or attracting new ones, our highly trained agents do it at maximized efficiency to get the best customer engagement levels for your business!

Our BPX.

Our Platform and Voice-of-the-Customer research offering is uniquely positioned for deep insights into the state of your customer satisfaction and service experience, providing actionable insight for engaging and retaining your customer base, and baselining and managing your customer satisfaction over time.

Back Office Solutions

Back Office Solutions.

A high-quality back office forms the foundation of every successful business. From data capturing and management, billing and invoicing, information indexing and archiving, record retrieval, application processing, logistics, HR and IT – iContact ensures a superior, multi-faceted outsourced back-office solution to meet your business and compliance needs.

Our outsourced back-office fulfilment solution not only reduces operational costs and enhances efficiency, but also allows you to focus on your core business activities and growing your bottom line. Comprehensive and consistent back-office fulfilment is fundamental to the delivery of great customer service experiences.

When it comes to managing complex data, iContact offers cost-effective and efficient data capturing processes backed by sophisticated IT infrastructure.

Sales & Lead Gen!

Sales & Lead Gen

Quality lead generation demands a highly focused, intensive and high-energy effort by skilled sales agents to deliver qualified, hot leads to be converted into prospects and sales. It also demands superior efficiency when it comes to managing the cost per lead, and then capturing and processing that lead data to ensure a successful conclusion – a closed deal.

iContact offers omni-channel outsourced sales and lead generation, list building and upsell and cross-sell campaigns across B2C and B2B. iContact uses digital and traditional marketing channels such as webchat, whatsapp, videochat, SMS, AVM (automated voice messages) and email for our outsourced sales and lead generation solutions.

Whether it’s a cross sell to grow the customer product basket, or an upsell to a newer or improved product or service, our BPX. data and analytics capabilities backed by skilled sales agents means that we’ll make the most of every sales interaction for your business, and bottom line. iContact’s outsourced inbound or outbound lead management is delivered by a team of skilled and high-energy sales agents, capable of finding and bringing you the prospects that matter most, at a cost that cannot be matched in-house. Our 24/7/365 call centers and global delivery capability delivered by well-trained and experienced sales professionals gives your business and product offering the ongoing personal attention it deserves. All lead generation campaigns are 100% trackable and measurable, ensuring that not only can you account for your budget spend, but you can also measure, improve and redirect your best performing sales campaigns for maximum efficiency and lead conversion.

How Small-Midsized Businesses (SMBs) level-up on CX

Growth is never simply a case of expanding operations to achieve economies of scale – it’s also about levelling up and improving on customer experience and service, which for most SMBs is a key competitive differentiator.

Part three of this Series shares how strategic outsourcing can be used by SMBs to scale efficiently, while levelling up on customer experience and service.

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Zwilling: Transforming CX with Strategic Outsourcing.

The story of how heritage knife and kitchen specialist brand Zwilling transformed CX with strategic outsourcing during its greatest growth period in its almost 300-year history.

The decision to go the CX outsourcing route was driven by the COVID-19 pandemic – with people in lockdown, the heritage brand’s online retail business of kitchenware experienced its greatest growth period in its almost 300-year history.

The client needed an urgent solution to manage the massive influx of calls and enquiries and forge a path back to customer service and experience recovery.

Read on to find out how they did it…..

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A Strategic framework for Customer Experience (CX) Outsourcing

CX, a buzzword only a few years ago, has rapidly become the de facto competitive differentiator for many companies competing on Customer Experience (CX) to win market share, retain customers, and build loyal fans.

Part one of the Series provides a strategic framework for CX-centric companies who are considering outsourcing their customer care.

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