iContact BPO has partnered with the Impact Sourcing Institute of South Africa to provide a structured programme for 80 of its learners to get invaluable work experience and on-the-job training in iContact’s call centre environment.

As the BPO provider enjoys rapid growth and expansion into international markets, it presented iContact BPO with the perfect opportunity to embark on a ‘socially responsible sourcing’ programme to provide much needed work experience and professional training for disadvantaged and disabled youth.

“South Africa’s BPO sector provides a crucial lifeline for thousands of young people, notably previously disadvantaged and disabled South Africans, to find meaningful and stable employment in this industry. By working with the Impact Sourcing Institute, we’re able to provide 80 learners, sourced and vetted by the institute, with a structured work programme. Typically, these are youth who struggle to access the labour market – either because they are outside traditional recruitment pipelines due to their lack of access to networks, or because transport costs from townships to jobs are high, or because they face physical disabilities which prevent their integration into the mainstream workforce,” explains Clinton Cohen, CEO of iContact BPO.

“This partnership also aims to solve an age-old quandary where employers want people with skills and practical knowledge to hit the ground running, while young people need a practical learning ground to gain the on-the-job experience that employers so highly value. The team will be training in a live call centre environment on aspects such as back-office fulfilment, data capturing, e-mail surveys, customer service and lead generation. Whether these 8o learners stay in our environment or explore other employment opportunities once their learnerships are done, they leave with invaluable experience that is applicable in virtually all businesses, and with a recognised qualification once they complete their learnership with the Impact Sourcing Institute. This gives them an incredible advantage in securing full-time employment within South Africa’s BPO sector which is set to create 500 000 new jobs in the next 10 years according to BPESA,” concludes Cohen.

iContact BPO and the Impact Sourcing Institute of South Africa are part of the AlefBet group which houses a diverse range of customer service and collections BPO businesses and training organisations. iContact BPO is a customer service call centre serving predominantly international markets, notably in North America. The Impact Sourcing Institute of South Africa was founded as part of a strategic drive by the Alefbet group to provide full-time employment opportunities for disabled learners from disadvantaged backgrounds within its extended network of BPO businesses and corporate client base.