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Brand People Xperience

We’re a specialist value-based BPO helping leading brands
safeguard their brand, culture, and customer experience.

Your Brand, People and Customer Xperience


At iContact you’ll find likeminded customer-obsessed people who live your Brand, People and Customer Xperience.

But that’s not enough…

We want to deliver it first time, every time. So, we created BPX.

Our proprietary outsource methodology/platform that consistently delivers insane customer experiences!

Here is what iContact isn’t – a typical contact center. From our earliest conversations, it has been clear that they would be a trusted partner and that they would earn this distinction.

Manager: Sales Operations &
Support, Pleasantville, NY (US)

iContact offers extraordinary


N. American BPO is 2.5-3.3 X that of South Africa

the South Africa BPO sector continues to have a high potential for employment and an attractive destination for global BPO companies due to a highly-skilled talent pipeline, which offers high empathy, cultural affinity, and niche domain skills.


Omnichannel Service & Support.

First-party Collections.

Customer Win-back!

Outsourced Back-Office.

Omnichannel Service & Support.

Multi-channel Customer Care.
When it comes to outsourced customer service, whether inbound or outbound, we use BPX. our proprietary outsource methodology/platform to design and deliver a tailor-made solution to meet your customer service objectives that consistently delivers extraordinary customer experiences!

First-party Collections.


iContact offers smart, customized first-party collections services for credit providers across the globe.

Our first-party collections solution is backed by decades of experience, extensive training and education of our advisors and a powerful data and analytics platform. Our bespoke, proprietary collections technology, processes and training material ensures high-volume collections on multi-stage outstanding debt.

Customer Win-back!

A well-planned win-back strategy can win back up to 90% of lost customers if approached correctly.

Whether it is re-igniting inactive, passive customers, winning back customers or attracting news ones, our highly trained agents do it at maximized efficiency to get the best customer engagement levels for your business!

Outsourced Back-Office.

Back-Office solutions.
From data capturing and management, billing and invoicing, information indexing and archiving, record retrieval, application processing, logistics, HR and IT – iContact ensures a superior, multi-faceted outsourced back-office solution to meet your business and compliance needs.


BPO Trends: SA BPO surges

BPO Trends: South Africa’s BPO sector surges ahead, with CX and customer service leading the charge

Choosing the Right BPO Partner

Research conducted by Knowledge Executive on behalf of GBS World surveyed over 360 global business buyers from Australia, Canada, the UK and the US, and revealed that finding the right BPO provider is anything but straightforward
iContact lands large US telco

International Provider Chooses South Africa for its Customer Service Outsourcing Needs

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