Smart Business Owners know that while people are your biggest asset, they can also be your biggest risk. In fact, top South African Employers who have invested in their corporate wellness strategy believe that it has the power to make or break a business.  Yes, a healthy workforce is about creating a positive and safe environment for employees to thrive, but it also has a lot to do with managing risk, increasing morale and offering support – all of which, have a direct impact on the bottom line of the business.


Local BPO Employers at iContact believe that corporate wellness cannot be overstated, especially with stress levels and medical costs always on the rise. “The health and wellness of our employees is a top priority at iContact because we understand, above all, that in order to provide world-class service to our clients we must start by providing world-class service to our staff.” says Clinton Cohen, Managing Director of iContact. The owner-run company, based in Johannesburg, are partnered with a highly-regarded health and wellness business that is essentially driven by Doctors. Workplace Healthcare offer business owners and their staff access to their extensive network of over 600 highly skilled and qualified healthcare professionals, 75 occupational health clinics and service providers, nine mobile medical units armed with state-of-the-art medical equipment, as well as a national network of readily available professionals across the board.

The approach is a holistic and integrated service based on education and prevention. This has not only benefitted the business but inspired great loyalty amongst employees. All staff members at iContact- from the MD to the newest member of staff make use of the in-house Wellness Clinic. Services include a full-time nurse who consults an average of 220 patients a month. A free, licensed dispensary that provides lifesaving chronic medications. Professional face-to-face counselling, plus a 24-hour call centre offering support on personal matters relating to; Legal Aid, Stress- Management, Financial Advice, HIV/AIDS Therapy, Addiction Counselling, Family Matters and Trauma Counselling. There is also disability awareness and HIV training. Plus, any assistance with hospital admissions is provided when necessary.

And it doesn’t end there! The ongoing care and support is reinforced with fresh and exciting initiatives. Focused wellness days include voluntary blood drives, free glucose, blood pressure and cholesterol testing, BMI, HIV/Aids Testing and quarterly Sieff Eye Testing. Other significant offerings include Flu Vaccines and Level 1&2 First Aid Training.

Workplace Healthcare’s distribution of a monthly newsletter also keeps all iContact employees in the loop by informing them of any upcoming in-house initiatives, and includes relevant health-related reading material.

Ultimately, the stronger and more supported a workforce is, the more dramatic the decline in sick leave, absenteeism and high attrition, which no longer tug unnecessarily at the bottom line of a business. In today’s highly competitive environment, business owners simply cannot afford to overlook the impact of Workplace wellness – it’s an essential component in the agreement between employee and employer, where both benefit.


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Why Choose iContact

iContact is a leading customer service BPO provider with specialist experience in the banking/financial services, insurance and medical, retail, telcos and hospitality sectors, both domestically and internationally.

We build our solutions around our client’s bespoke needs, delivering a professional service solution premised in our partnership approach to all that we do for our clients.

As part of the Alefbet Holdings Group, a Global Business Services powerhouse which employs 1200 full time employees across its various BPO businesses, we bring a professional and proven pedigree in the sectors we serve.

As a high-performance team, iContact brings cost-effective, quality solutions backed by leading edge technology and human engagements. Our ultimate goal is to deliver the very best in customer experience and first-time query resolution. Our clients can look forward to a proactive and innovative BPO partner in iContact, where exceptional customer service, innovation and perpetual improvement are entrenched philosophies.

iContact’s strategic locations, advanced business intelligence tools, data analytics capabilities, skilled leadership and large, educated skills pool with strong English language proficiency present our customers with an unrivalled value proposition.

For the best in BPO economics, quality and socially responsible supply chains, talk to iContact.

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