The Challenge

iContact BPO was approached by a leading UK energy company to provide a sales solution, approaching existing energy users in the UK to obtain a competitive quote on their energy supply. In addition to the energy supply, additional services were bundled with the offer including renewable energy, broadband, gas and fuel. The objective was to encourage customers to do a comparison of their current supplier, and if they could get a better deal with our client, to switch them over, and then to further upsell them on other products.


The Solution:

The campaign commenced with 20 agents working an 8-hour shift, prior to changing this to a 6-hour productive shift to manage the seasonal fluctuations – which at the time was mid to end Summer and where energy conversations are not as top of mind.


The Results

At the start of the campaign the average transfer rate was 0.76. However, with the changing season to winter and the energy crisis unfolding in the UK, conversions improved to 14.46% for the month of Aug and 10% in September.