iContact BPO was acknowledged as a “Top Support Services Provider” at the Cape BPO awards held on 27 May 2022.   The certificate was awarded for our entry detailing our measures in creating an ultra-safe and hygienic working environment for our staff during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Over and above our COVID-19 health and safety measures, iContact BPO partnered with Crystel Headset, a Western Cape-based technology manufacturing company, to solve one of the key challenges posed by the pandemic to contact center staff – that of the hygiene of headsets and other electronic devices.

Five of the most “high-touch, high-risk” items on every agent’s workstation are headsets, computer mice, keyboards, lanyards & Electronic Key Cards, and reusable face masks. Crystel Headset provided both the equipment and the system to eliminate the risk of contamination from these items and devices – portable UVGO Sterilizing Conveyor Tunnels and OZONE-Plus Sterilizing cabinets.

A UVGO Sterilizing Conveyor Tunnel was positioned at the entrance of iContact’s building and used as a first barrier of protection to prevent bacteria and viruses from entering the workspace. The Crystel OZONE-Plus Sterilizing Cabinets placed inside the call center had the same objective, but with a deeper cleaning goal, running 15-minute cycles to keep high-risk devices on the center floor sterile and infection-free.

“Our collaboration with Crystel Headset had two important objectives – ensuring the health of our employees by keeping them safe at work during the pandemic, and secondly, how to ensure the health of our business by keeping our people and campaigns operational. The results speak for themselves – since the start of the project, iContact BPO has had less than 5% absenteeism, and this includes remaining fully operational during all waves of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is a significant achievement when you consider the historical data that shows that South African Call Centers had an absenteeism rate of 10% prior to the pandemic. We’re delighted with the result and will continue with these efforts as part of our evolving health and safety program, even in post-pandemic conditions. A healthy business starts with healthy people, and we remain committed to providing our employees with the safest and healthiest BPO working environment possible,” explains Clinton Cohen, CEO of iContact BPO.