Service delivery platform design is essential because it helps provide people with amenities they want or need by linking them to an organization with the resources to provide those services. Businesses can tailor service delivery platform design to meet the specific needs of their customers through function or price. Engaging in thoughtful, customer-focused service delivery may also help distinguish an organization from its competitors by providing higher quality service.

The businesses that excel in building exceptional customer journeys are the ones that invest in the tools, technology, and platforms to extract the value that sits in their customer data. Your contact center has an exceptional advantage when it can hear the voices of its customers and take initiative-taking action.

Service delivery platform design allows you to record, analyze, and listen to what customers are telling you in their everyday interactions with your agents, chatbots, and other digital channels.

This data allows you to extract actionable steps to resolve issues before they happen, and most importantly, resolve the causes of repeat complaints that cost you loyalty and customer satisfaction.

Keep reading to understand how this data will help you create a service delivery platform design to meet your customers’ needs.

Service Delivery Platform Design In Business

Focusing on service delivery platform design will enhance the customer experience and provide the highest quality service possible while distinguishing yourself from the competition. Clearly defining what your services are, why, and how they work you can create value and engage both customers and employees which will promote a service delivery culture that does both.

service delivery platform design and CX [iContact BPO]

Service delivery platform design will ensure a powerful brand image for your company and increase revenue. Today we are going to define what service delivery is and explore why it is important for businesses as well as the six strengths of effective service delivery platform design.

What Is Service Delivery?

Service delivery is a business framework that supplies services from a provider to a client. This includes the continuous interaction between the two parties during the duration of the time in which the provider supplies the service and the customer purchases it.

Companies with a service delivery platform design provide something to a customer they cannot create on their own. That service could be anything from a task to technology or information. It can fall into two broad categories of general reference for any service or more industry-specific models for technical service.

service delivery platform design and CX [iContact BPO]

Service delivery processes typically aim to provide the client with increased value by setting standards, policies, principles, and constraints to guide all aspects of their business and customer interactions. We suggest involving a third-party or outsourced service delivery supplier like iContact BPO to maximize your customer experience.

Service delivery platform design is crucial because it ensures that a company meets its goals. By using this process, a company can maximize its revenue while minimizing costs.

It also enables the company to evaluate its services and the people providing them so that they can improve their processes.

What Influences Excellent Service Delivery?

There are a variety of aspects that affect service delivery and customer satisfaction in a company. These include:

service delivery platform design and CX [iContact BPO]

  • Easy-To-Use – Every business needs to educate its customers so that they know how to get the best from the service or product. Better yet, implement a service delivery platform design that is easy to use and access.
  • Build Personal Connections – Create a rapport with customers to make them feel valued so that their needs are essential which will allow them to develop an attachment to the service.
  • Appropriate Payment Systems – Allow customers to pay in ways that are convenient to them and at appropriate times, especially when they are satisfied on completion of the service.
  • An Effective Complaints Process – Resolve any problems or complaints promptly to ensure customers know what the outcome will be.
  • After-Sales Service – Follow-up with customers to ensure they had a satisfactory experience and offer other potentially relevant services to extend the customer relationship.

The 6 Benefits Of Strong Support Services

1. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Service delivery platform design leads to higher customer satisfaction which means repeat sales. Repeat sales are not accidental and usually occur when you have built strong relationships over time by providing superior customer service.

service delivery platform design and CX [iContact BPO]

It can be as simple as sending out appreciation emails after a purchase which lets your customers know that you value them, so they want to come back.

2. Better Business Alignment

Not only will service delivery platform design helps your company build stronger, better alignment between the business and IT.

It will also ensure a solid business reputation among customers and employees. When people talk about their experience dealing with a business, they will comment on it if it is unusually good or bad.

Choosing to work with a service delivery platform design team like iContact BPO, will help you to deliver strong customer service. Word-of-mouth is a powerful marketing tool that you can leverage.

An excellent customer experience will result in additional advertising at no cost to you and promote a well-aligned business.

3. Eliminate Unnecessary Costs

Service delivery platform design will improve the utilization of business resources which results in effective cost-cutting. You will also have clearer visibility of IT costs and business assets. 

service delivery platform design and CX [iContact BPO]

Moreover, small to medium enterprises cannot always afford to offer the low prices that the corporate chain store around the corner charges. Therefore, providing excellent customer service can offset the effect of your higher prices by offering a better customer experience.

In fact, customer service-driven businesses can charge up to 9 percent more for their products and services, and grow the business twice as fast as average.

4. A Solid, Niche Business

By using a service delivery platform design you can seriously niche out your business, manage risks better and prevent service disruption, or failure of the business.

Today customers often complain about the lack of service or feel like they mean little to a business. By providing excellent customer service you can set your business apart from competitors. Customer service needs to be a key element in your marketing strategy.

This will guarantee that your business delivers on its promises which will make you stand out.

5. A Positive Company Culture

When you focus on creating amazing customer service, it is important that business owners establish a solid work environment and employee morale.

service delivery platform design and CX [iContact BPO]

Employees who are eager to help can put unsatisfied customers at ease and improve their experience. This can lead to a more pleasant environment and make employees feel good about what they do.

6. A Secure And Stable Environment

Lastly, a strong service delivery platform design will result in a more secure and stable service environment that supports business change and flexibility.

The Bottom Line

A service delivery platform design is the framework for a solid, niche business that provides excellent services to its clients.

Service culture, employee engagement, service quality, and customer experience are all involved in the delivery process.

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