The World of Business today operates in a “customer-experience” economy. Yes, you need a great product. Yes, you need a competitive price. But the future belongs to the experience around the product or service on offer. In fact, consumers are actively seeking out the brands that offer a great experience, and deliver on their promise. There’s no doubt that satisfied customers buy more, stay longer, and share their positive experiences with others. By these facts alone, every serious business owner should make it a priority to give customers the opportunity to grade their experience and rate their interaction.


Simple Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) scores are an important metric by which to measure how your customers engage with your brand. This humble customer survey is not only easy to create, customise and execute, but it also delivers a powerful data punch. By conducting post-contact surveys with customers while it’s still fresh in their minds, via various channel options such as SMS, email, IVR, or a star rating after a web chat, management teams are able to use the data to turn feedback into action. It’s an essential component in arming a brand with the back-up it needs to make smarter business decisions. Measuring the degree to which your product or service meets customer expectations is essential in understanding how to fix any problems, oversights or shortcomings. Simply put, companies that prioritize customer satisfaction grow and increase revenue – those that do not, don’t.


But with customer preferences shifting faster than ever before, gathering feedback is essential to the ongoing process of enhancing the things that make sense for your company and changing what isn’t working. Perhaps your company acquires customers rapidly, but if they don’t stick around long enough to give you repeat business, then your business is unsustainable. When customer experience, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty are so critical, surely you want to know how your customers feel about the service they’ve just received? After all, why would a happy, satisfied customer look elsewhere?


The more advanced customer survey apps are now programmable to instantly pick up when a customer gives a poor rating and sends an alert to a Quality Assurance Manager, giving them the opportunity to call back and correct the problem, in order to restore loyalty and trust as soon as possible. In fact, an efficient call centre operation hinges on the ability of management to identify flaws in their systems and execute improvement plans to fix these quickly.


A great way to test your company is to ‘play the consumer’ and contact them yourself! See what the process feels like. What is it like to chat with an agent, how does it feel to call the contact centre, what’s the process like when looking for self-service? A personal experience will give you first-hand feedback. And, once you’ve done this, do the same with your competition. How does it compare? Are you better or worse?

Now you know where to focus when fixing the areas that need improvement – be it by enriching or simplifying the technology or providing more training. Never forget that a well-trained team makes all the difference. Providing training opportunities and professional development to your agents automatically results in increased customer loyalty. A more efficient, happy, proud employee is guaranteed to provide a better, more superior service.


By prioritising customer ratings your business will only improve – watch how you grow by turning existing customers into repeat customers and repeat customers into your very own brand ambassadors and business cheerleaders.

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Why Choose iContact

iContact is a leading customer service BPO provider with specialist experience in the banking/financial services, insurance and medical, retail, telcos and hospitality sectors, both domestically and internationally.

We build our solutions around our client’s bespoke needs, delivering a professional service solution premised in our partnership approach to all that we do for our clients.

As part of the Alefbet Holdings Group, a Global Business Services powerhouse which employs 1200 full time employees across its various BPO businesses, we bring a professional and proven pedigree in the sectors we serve.

As a high-performance team, iContact brings cost-effective, quality solutions backed by leading edge technology and human engagements. Our ultimate goal is to deliver the very best in customer experience and first-time query resolution. Our clients can look forward to a proactive and innovative BPO partner in iContact, where exceptional customer service, innovation and perpetual improvement are entrenched philosophies.

iContact’s strategic locations, advanced business intelligence tools, data analytics capabilities, skilled leadership and large, educated skills pool with strong English language proficiency present our customers with an unrivalled value proposition.

For the best in BPO economics, quality and socially responsible supply chains, talk to iContact.

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