iContact BPO, a leading Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) provider along with BrainCX, a premium customer experience (CX) strategist and digital transformation expert, landed a large North American Telecommunications company in a customer service outsourcing bid to South Africa – a win for Cape Town’s burgeoning BPO industry.

iContact BPO specializes in inbound and outbound customer service and support, predominantly for international business clients based in the US, Canada, UK, Europe and Australia. iContact BPO is part of the Alefbet Holdings group which owns numerous collections and customer service BPO providers. BrainCX (BCX), based in the US, specializes in solving complex customer experience challenges and delivering top-notch CX strategies through call center, customer support, and technical support outsourcing for a host of multinational businesses. Companies focused on providing exceptional customer experiences go to BCX because of their experience, reputation, and credibility in the industry. iContact BPO and BCX joining forces is a partnership based on aligned values, commitment to excellence, and driving second-to-none results.

“South Africa is an increasingly attractive option for outsourcing at a time when businesses across the globe are under enormous cost pressures and skills shortages. iContact’s combination of our strategic locations, business intelligence tools, skilled leadership, educated skills pool with strong English language proficiency, labour arbitrage, rapid scalability and a strong financial case present our international clients with a powerful BPO value proposition in South Africa,” explains Clinton Cohen, CEO of iContact BPO.

“Our partnership with BCX provides a highly strategic outsourcing solution for our shared clients. Together, we bring powerful insights and direction in building and designing the entire customer experience journey from end-to-end, delivering to our client a full stack of CX fundamentals, technology, processes, people, quality management, and infrastructure in a cohesive and fully loaded offering,” adds Cohen.

Tariq Alinur, CEO of BCX adds: “There are many advantages of offshoring to South Africa and partnering with iContact BPO on this particular client.  A significant advantage that South Africa has in its favour that goes far beyond the factors of linguistics, technology, and economics, is the empathy and work ethic of its people. When it comes down to customer experience and cultivating a culture of empathy, South Africa’s call center agents are well advanced in this vital customer service skill.  In terms of our decision to partner with iContact BPO, a lot came down to the approach of the leadership team and their willingness to work in a partnership approach with BCX to build the right CX strategy for our client. When a client is building their outsourcing model, the needs and technology requirements are not always distinctly defined – there is a need to build the strategy on a ‘discovery’ basis.

“In such a scenario, we look to work directly with experienced and collaborative executive teams that are willing and capable of building a CX model tailored to the client’s needs, rather than enforcing a pre-determined playbook that may not be a good fit. This level of flexibility, agility, and engagement were key factors in our decision to partner with iContact BPO,” concludes Tariq.

“The success of the partnership with iContact BPO and BCX is underpinned by delivering strong offshoring fundamentals, bringing together the best of customer experience, economics, quality BPO services, rapid scale when needed, high service levels, socially responsible supply chains, and an absolute commitment to the operational performance metrics that matter most to our shared business clients,” concludes Cohen.