South African call centre iContact is proud to have successfully gained ISO Accreditation (International Organization for Standardization). As experts in International Business Process Outsourcing a top priority for the owner-run business is upholding Industry best practice, while continuing to deliver world-class service to their international clients.

The successfully attained ISO 27001 accreditation may sound rather unexciting, but it means that all company data is continually kept safe. This focus on information security is critical – with continuous monitoring, measurement, analysis, and evaluation of the Information Security Management System. The process of gaining this particular accreditation involves conducting internal audits which systematically examines the organisation’s information security risks, taking account of threats, vulnerabilities, and impacts.

In achieving the ISO 9001 accreditation, iContact has gained the ultimate global benchmark for quality management. The focus is on quality products, services and customer satisfaction. This accreditation demonstrates iContact’s ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements, as well as demonstrating continuous improvement.

As more and more offshore clients look towards the South African BPO Industry to satisfy their business needs, iContact’s ISO Accreditations certainly highlight them as a favourable South African contact centre to partner with.

To find the perfect solution to suit your business contact:

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Why Choose iContact

iContact is a leading customer service BPO provider with specialist experience in the banking/financial services, insurance and medical, retail, telcos and hospitality sectors, both domestically and internationally.

We build our solutions around our client’s bespoke needs, delivering a professional service solution premised in our partnership approach to all that we do for our clients.

As part of the Alefbet Holdings Group, a Global Business Services powerhouse which employs 1200 full time employees across its various BPO businesses, we bring a professional and proven pedigree in the sectors we serve.

As a high-performance team, iContact brings cost-effective, quality solutions backed by leading edge technology and human engagements. Our ultimate goal is to deliver the very best in customer experience and first-time query resolution. Our clients can look forward to a proactive and innovative BPO partner in iContact, where exceptional customer service, innovation and perpetual improvement are entrenched philosophies.

iContact’s strategic locations, advanced business intelligence tools, data analytics capabilities, skilled leadership and large, educated skills pool with strong English language proficiency present our customers with an unrivalled value proposition.

For the best in BPO economics, quality and socially responsible supply chains, talk to iContact.

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Get in touch with us

Looking for the perfect BPO solution for your business? Fill in your details below and one of our representatives will get back to you within 24 hours with a tailor-made solution.

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