Case Study

Business Process Outsourcing

The Challenge

One of the key challenges in life and health insurance underwriting is the retrieval of APS medical records in order to complete the risk assessment and successfully issue a policy. Delays in retrieving these medical records have significant implications in terms of time, resources and money for the insurer. In turn, these delays can also erode the overall customer experience.

A US-based premier provider of medical record retrieval has revolutionized this process by providing life, disability, long-term care and health insurance companies with the fastest record retrieval service in the industry.

The provider engaged with iContact BPO to provide medical record retrieval to ensure that the most important components of the insurance underwriting process were sorted quickly and completely first-time round.

The Solution

iContact provided a team of professional, detail-oriented agents who were allocated individual cases to pursue. Cases were screened daily with detailed follow-up reminders. Agents handle on average 174 000 phone calls per month with an average handling time of three minutes.


A pay per performance production environment resulting in improved deliberate efficiencies through:

Reduction in turnaround time

Quality assurance benchmark increasing from 80% to post 90% levels.

Expertise and Knowledge retention increasing tenure by 75%.

Scaling operations through peak seasons through agile business processes.

iContact has been a BPO partner of choice for the past five consecutive years.

iContact has been a BPO partner of choice for the past five consecutive years.