Successful call centres now have mind-blowing ways to target the exact preferences of their customers. How? By carefully selecting and adopting the correct combination of Advanced Analytics, capable not only to monitor and review performance – by adjusting the lens of the employee and fine-tuning the focus of the business-owner – but also, when utilized correctly, to truly understand the client. Intelligent software is literally changing the way brands engage with their market, which in turn is developing the traditional call centre into an insight-driven business.

Speech Analytics

A fairly new avenue of analytics but one that is showing significant success. A team of analysts monitor calls in real time, or recorded calls (equipped with speech and voice recognition features) that identify spoken words and phrases, analyse tone and recognize emotions. A company can then mine the results, unearth inefficiencies and make the necessary improvements – such as moving to a call script, or developing new systems for agents to achieve desired call outcomes.


Text Analytics 

The major move to the online world of business has rendered text analytics more important than ever! Brands today communicate with customers via email, text message, web-chat, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, and other text-centred and social media. Text analytics zones in specifically on the written language, reviews and monitors using tools that assign numerical values to words and phrases. Then, data mining functions are carried out to identify patterns and relationships among the data sets.


Predictive Analytics 

Perhaps the most advanced form of data analytics on the list and also an invaluable tool in the call centre environment. Using in-depth review of past performance in areas as diverse as call volume, service level, handle time, and customer satisfaction, predictive analysis makes it possible to apply solutions to upcoming problems. It uses several techniques including data mining, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to predict things such as customers’ purchasing behaviour. By analysing results, companies can not only plan and strategize, but also identify and leverage off the most effective channels for engaging with their customers.


Self Service Analytics 

Forward thinking businesses are providing customers the option to solve issues on their own and are fast discovering that self-service is, in fact, a far more efficient and hassle-free option. Online self-service portals reduce opportunity for error, incoming call volume, and company cost. This form of analytics also requires the least amount of human involvement, where software is able to evaluate the customer experience and determine glitches, pain points, and other problems.


Desktop Analytics 

Unlike customer-oriented analytics, desktop analytics is completely agent-focused. A comprehensive desktop analysis program can monitor, capture, and analyse all desktop-based activities. It goes hand-in-hand with real time call monitoring to identify workflow inefficiencies, measure agent compliance, and explore potential training opportunities. This way, managers can be in control and make improvements to any performance issues or bottlenecks in processes.


Cross Channel Analytics

This is a way for a well-managed call centre to determine what channels their customers are using at any given time, and tailor their services accordingly. By combining speech, text, and desktop analytics features, it consolidates data from these multiple channels in order to identify and evaluate how customers prefer to interact with brands. The result – a smooth omnichannel customer-centric service second to none. As with Speech Analytics, Cross Channel Analytics is also relatively new, but will almost certainly be a future necessity.


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