Outsourced sales and lead generation services provide a highly focused, intensive, and high-energy result that skilled sales agents deliver 24/7. You will gain qualified, hot leads to be converted into prospects and sales. iContact BPO also demands superior efficiency when it comes to managing the cost per lead, and then capturing and processing that lead data to ensure a successful conclusion which is a closed deal.

Every business requires powerful, omnichannel outsourced sales and lead generation services, list building, upselling and cross-selling campaigns to succeed. B2C or B2B facing, you need to outsource your sales and leads. iContact BPO uses digital and traditional marketing channels including web chat, WhatsApp, video chat, SMS, AVM (automated voice messages), and email for their outsourced sales and lead generation solutions.

At the same time, this synergized process collects invaluable data about your qualified prospects for future marketing and engagement purposes. All of which are compliant with respective privacy and data protection regulations.

If you want to significantly boost your sales and leads then let our marketing and sales specialists use business intelligence tools to monitor and analyze customer databases to identify buying patterns and behaviors, and then strategize bespoke upsell and cross-sell campaigns.

But first, here are five high-energy benefits of outsourced sales and lead generation services that will deliver proven results, not only of increased customer retention but also increased revenue.

High-Energy Effect With Outsourced Sales And Lead Generation Services

Every business requires professional call center teams that can manage and execute highly effective upsell and cross-sell services for B2B and B2C businesses.

We focus on keeping your existing customers informed, providing them with additional or alternative options, and offering them enhanced products and services to augment their requirements. Whether it is a cross-sell to grow the customer product basket, or an upsell to a newer or improved product or service, our data and analytics capabilities backed by skilled sales agents mean that we can maximize every sales interaction for your business and bottom line.

outsourced sales and lead generation services with iContact BPO

How Does It Work?

iContact BPO provides outsourced sales and lead generation services for inbound or outbound lead management delivered by a team of highly skilled and energetic sales agents. Our team can find and bring you the prospects that matter most, at a cost that in-house cannot match.

Better yet, outsourcing to our agents has a 24/7/365 call center and global delivery capability delivered by well-trained and experienced sales professionals giving your business and product offering the ongoing personal attention it deserves.

All lead generation campaigns are 100% trackable and measurable, ensuring that you can account for your budget spend, and measure, improve, and redirect your best-performing sales campaigns for maximum efficiency and lead conversion.

What Is Lead Generation Outsourcing?

Outsourced sales and lead generation are when you choose to bring in an external lead generation company like iContact BPO to assist with driving leads into your sales team.

These types of companies are experts in one aspect of business development like cold calling or generalized marketing.

outsourced sales and lead generation services with iContact BPO

Every company will be generating demand for their product or service internally. But a fully mature marketing strategy uses multiple channels and methods – both inbound and outbound – to deliver more leads and make demand generation more resilient to changes and events outside of a company’s control.

Five High Energy Benefits of Outsourced Sales And Lead Generation Services

If you want to ensure the best customer experience and maximize your leads and sales at the same time, then outsourcing may be what you want to consider. Whether you are an SME or an established enterprise, our outsourced sales and lead generation services can bring something new in a variety of settings.

1. Concentrate On Selling

Companies hire sales reps to close deals and onboard new clients.

However, sales reps often spend the equivalent of an entire day each week writing emails, but 40% of sales reps cite prospecting as the hardest part of their job. This means the average sales rep only spends a third of their day selling.

All of this adds up to one simple fact: salespeople are not focusing on what they are best at selling. Outsourcing demand allows sales teams to optimize their sales pipeline and sell more.

2. Increase Capacity Quickly

Bringing in external outsourced sales and lead generation services will get your brand new channels of leads to your sales team in a brief time.

Building out internal teams and developing and implementing new channel strategies takes time. The time you might not have.

outsourced sales and lead generation services with iContact BPO

3. Sales Growth Without Headcount Growth

Alternatively, you might not have the capacity to increase internal marketing functions.

Start-ups and SMEs can often face this catch-22 problem: the need to increase sales. They want to increase their marketing headcount and increase sales headcount, to increase sales.

Outsourced sales and lead generation services mean small businesses can focus on the sales cycle, bringing in vital revenue to continue growing.

4. Testing New Channels

Sometimes outsourced sales and lead generation services have outsourcing risks.  the viability of a channel before bringing it in-house is a common tactic.

Just make sure you have the expertise lined up and ready for a seamless transition.

5. Lower Costs

While this is certainly not a given, your cost per acquisition can often be lower when your leads are coming from a specialist company that has refined its own lead generation down to an art form.

If you are looking for trustworthy outsourced sales and lead generation services, iContact BPO is acknowledged as a “Top Support Services Provider” at the Cape BPO awards held on 27 May 2022. Contact us today for a chat.

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