iContact BPO, a leading customer service BPO provider in South Africa’s Global Business Services sector, launched a trio of international client campaigns this month spanning three continents and time zones.

iContact BPO is providing fully outsourced CX delivery services, sales and back-office fulfilment services to three new clients based in the the United States, United Kingdom and Australia. iContact BPO is part of the Alefbet Holdings group which has headquarters in Johannesburg and Cape Town and employs some 1500 full time employees.

“We have a vast labour pool of educated and skilled young South Africans, our IT, telephony and data and analytics capabilities are world-class, and our English accent and linguistic capabilities are amenable across many geographies especially the US, UK and Australia. Our exchange rate also makes offshoring to South Africa a particularly cost-effective exercise for businesses across the globe that are under enormous cost pressures due to the Covid-19 pandemic. When you combine this with iContact’s highly responsive and flexible business model, it really becomes a win-win for our clients in terms of achieving economies of scale while improving customer experience and service levels.

“We also bring deep expertise in a number of key industry sectors, so clients have the benefit of working with an experienced BPO partner who gets all the intricacies of industry regulations, compliance requirements and customer nuances. Speed to market, flexibility and professional delivery are key factors that our clients appreciate when working with iContact BPO. As just one example, we recently geared up for a US-based automotive client, hiring 100 skilled agents in less than 100 hours, including management appointments, to handle an incredibly pressured and time-sensitive campaign,” explains Clinton Cohen, CEO of iContact BPO.

Another significant factor in iContact BPO’s recent successes has been its’ navigation of the COVID-19 pandemic, while maintaining business continuity, client service levels and safeguarding employee health. iContact is also a leading light in terms of ‘impact sourcing’, employing socio-economically disadvantaged individuals as principal workers in its contact centres. About 90% of iContact BPO employees are recruited through impact sourcing, the average age is 23, 65% are women and 10% are disabled.

“The business growth of iContact BPO is underpinned by delivering strong offshoring fundamentals for our global clients – bringing together the best of economics, quality BPO services, rapid scale when needed, high service levels and socially responsible supply chains,” concludes Cohen.